Leading Educators

CE Karma is honored to partner with leading educators that are recognized for their comprehensive knowledge as experts in their topic. These dedicated professionals have partnered with CE Karma to make a lasting impact on their profession and communities by joining in our mission of being socially responsible.

About Mr. Steve Down

Steve Down is a man on a mission to make the world a better place. CE Karma is just one of his many companies aimed at giving back to the community. CE Karma is a Steve Down Company with a life changing give-back. As a professional Dental continuing education organization, CE Karma supports the success of both dentists and the communities they serve. The company’s mission is to provide state-of-the-art continuing education with a cause.  For every course attendee, CE Karma donates proceeds back to non-profit partners, Mission of Mercy and America’s Dentists Care foundation, providing free oral health care to patients in need.  CE Karma is currently in 33 states, with 90+ courses and plans to double course offerings in 2018.

“What I love to teach is a philosophy of social capitalism. It applies to every business,” says Steve Down. “Every business should have a give-back as a primary part of their business plan. This applies to CE Karma. With CE Karma, it begins with the doctors.” The company aims to help those who are incapable of helping themselves. Steve believes that a large part of what makes any business successful is its focus on serving and giving back in some way, and he truly makes that belief central to everything he does.

Mr. Steve Down’s generosity doesn’t stop at CE Karma. Other Steve Down Companies include Even Stevens Sandwiches, The Falls Event Center, Financially Fit, Storm Maker Media, Blue Hat Ventures, Wings & Waves Waterpark, and Steve’s Hotel. Steve Down embraces the opportunity to give back and recognizes that the ability to help others is a result of being financially fit. He hasn’t always been wildly successful, though. Steve Down knows what it’s like to be in deep debt. He has seen the highest highs and the lowest lows, and because of that, he is able to teach and help others.

Steve Down knows that supporting his community and being wildly successful in business are two things that are not mutually exclusive, but rather integrally related. Steve Down is a cause entrepreneur and cause leader continually focused on being a force for good. This focus has made him wildly successful, allowing him to give back even more and proceed in additional cause-related entrepreneurial ventures. A number of Steve Down’s businesses and organizations are founded on a 1:1 model of giving—buy one, give one.

For instance, one of Steve’s businesses, Even Stevens Sandwiches, applies the 1:1 model by donating to a nonprofit a sum of money equivalent to that of one sandwich for each sandwich sold. The nonprofit then uses the money to feed the hungry in the community. Even Stevens is the fastest growing fast casual dining restaurant chain in the United States, and has sold more than one million sandwiches in just over two years. The shop has locations in Utah, Arizona, and Idaho, and is rapidly expanding, planning to increase the number of stores dramatically in the coming years.

Steve’s Hotel is a recent endeavor that, for each room booked, will provide one night in a homeless shelter for those in need. Each company founded by Steve Down gives back. Through The Falls Event Center, individuals and businesses have a place to gather. Financially Fit empowers families and individuals to healthily manage their finances and build wealth and in turn make their communities a better place. Steve’s aching desire to build and help will continue to permeate everything he does.